Conference Submission Guidelines

Conference Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: January 15, 2020 AT 11:59 P.M.

General Information Important for all Submissions for SHIELD Conference

For the upcoming convention, SHIELD will only accept abstracts using this form. Authors DO NOT need to become paid members until after their submissions have been accepted.  However, you can join at any time. Click here to join.

Please complete these steps to submit an abstract:

  • Complete the submission form. Indicate your desired presentation format (e.g. talk, poster, workshop, symposia).  Prepare your abstract by following the instructions for that type of presentation, and then follow the instructions on the screen. NOTE: You should only submit a specific project/abstract one time.
  • Be sure to list each co-author. Co-authors can have different ranks and/or affiliations, so be sure to indicate these if they are different from the first author.
  • Be sure your abstract is 500 words or less.

Below on this page are the specific submission guidelines for SHIELD poster and talks, symposia, workshops, and student research competitions.

SHIELD Conference Presentation Submissions Guidelines

Participation Requirements:  all primary authors and co-authors must be registered for the conference and be members of SHIELD after their proposals accepted.  Membership is included in the registration fee.  A computer, overhead projector, and screen will be provided in the presentation rooms.

Research Presentations:  presentations are designed to share findings of a current or ongoing research activity, historical reviews, and innovative topics of all kinds.  Each participant will make their presentation in a 15-20 minute format including a question and answer period.  Where appropriate (usually experimental), proposals should include:

  • A statement of the problem/purpose of the research
  • Summary of the methods to include a description of the research design, participants, data collection, instrumentation, and analysis;
  • Results and conclusions/implications of the study

Poster Presentations:  Posters are to be organized to permit informal discussion of research projects, innovative topics, or new types of instrumentation.  Presenters will remain with their posters during the poster session.  Proposals for posters should include a description of the topic and/or specify the importance of the problem, its significance, and methods used.

Preliminary data or pilot data is acceptable so long as they speak to the research question and research will be completed at the time of the convention. Simply be sure to describe your method clearly, your intended plan for analysis once data collection is complete, and how you expect the results will inform extant literature. Professional Boards will be provided for poster research. Your poster must fit in a 4’ tall by 6’ wide space.

Submitting Proposals:  Submitted abstract length (text of the abstract itself, not including title or author names) for regular talks and posters are limited to 500 words. The maximum title length is 12 words.  To submit a proposal, email the proposal submissions form and your proposal using MLA, AMA, or APA 6th edition format by January 15, 2020.

Student Awards: Research submitted by Rogers State University (RSU) students can be entered in the RSU research competition.  Three awards will be conferred for presentations that include posters ONLY with the following prizes:  1st place: $100, 2nd place: $50, 3rd place: $25.  Research submitted by students from ANY other institution can be entered in a general research competition. Three awards will be conferred for presentations that include posters ONLY with the following prizes:  1st place: $100, 2nd place: $50, 3rd place: $25.

Symposia: Submissions from individuals (at least 2 presenters plus the session chair) wishing to present a symposium must include:

  1. A title (12-word max) and a 100-word abstract summarizing the workshop;
  2. A summary for each of the symposium’s participants (the combined word count of these summaries should not exceed 500 words).

All symposium participants must be SHIELD members.


Workshops will be available several times during the year. Our next event will be held on November 8, 2019.

Within the limits of available time and space, SHIELD will provide rooms for workshops and special meetings at the conference as well.  Some workshops may qualify for Continuing Education credit.  Contact the Program Chair to discuss your request.  Workshop length may be 1 hour.

Submissions from individuals wishing to present a workshop must include a title (12-word max) and an abstract summarizing the workshop (max 500 words for the text of the abstract itself, not including title or author names).

SHIELD Conference Proposal form