Conference vendor information

SHIELD (Society for HIgher Education Interdisciplinary Learning and Discovery) is a nonprofit professional association for educators and learners. SHIELD supports original intellectual research and creativity in higher education by providing presentation and publication opportunities for faculty, students, and other professionals in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

At SHIELD, we are trying to change the landscape of conferences and other scholarly activity opportunities, from the current exorbitant prices for scholars to a more reasonable and affordable venue to help promote knowledge in education, arts, science and more.  SHIELD is taking a holistic approach for conferences, so our agents for change are thinking about all aspects of conferences.  This includes the vendors who help contribute SO much to the conference experience.

Conference vendor tables typically cost from $300-$500, In alignment with our goal of providing affordable, quality conferences accessible to all educators and learners, SHIELD offers conference vendor tables at only $100 ($105 if using the PayPal convenience system below to offset their costs). That investment provides these benefits:

  1. Each vendor will have a professional 8’ table from which they can display their items. These tables will be placed in the highest traffic area of the conference for the highest visibility.
  2. Each table will have access to at least one electrical outlet.  If additional outlets are necessary, the possibility will be investigated.
  3. Because SHIELD is a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary conference, vendors will have access to educators from ALL professional areas of study.  Unlike a standard psychology conference where a vendor would only be able to reach psychology professors, vendors at SHIELD can reach ALL disciplines, thus significantly increasing sales potential.
  4. Due to the multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary nature of the conference, SHIELD will provide vendors with a list of specific disciplines represented at the annual conference.  The deadline for conference submissions is January 15, 2020 so a list will be provided after that date but WELL in advance of the March 27, 2020 conference date.
  5. In addition to the conference participants, SHIELD will both promote vendors’ presence and allow access by ALL university employees to vendor tables.  This will significantly increase sales potential.
  6. NEW: based off of our experience from last year, the conference schedule will be changed to allow more time between presentations. This will afford about 15 minutes PER HOUR of time that participants will not be the conference, and can browse and looks over the tables.  We will also be allowing for more “Free Traffic” by non-conference attendees to increase potential buyers. Space is limited, so reserve a vendor table now for the 2020 conference!